1. BRUCEF / writing a song, composition link

2. Arrangement • Electronic • Live for up to 5 musicians 

3. Recording •  per hour of work with a producer and sound engineer 

4. Mixing 

•  in Russia, in Europe (Paris), Brazil

5. Mastering • USA/CANADA, Experts Paris 

6. Photo session with a producer (cover, social media and promo) • Studio  

• Out

7. Distribution • Preparation for release on all music platforms in the world 

• NFT 

8. Company for public relations with press 

• Standard package 

• Premium 

• Luxury 


I would like to produce an audio album 💿 
I would like to record a cover; 
I need help in organizing a luxury concert; 
I wish to reproduce a version of my title for clubbing (DJ); 
I have specific projects to carry out; 
I would like to produce a clip; 
I want to become a producer; 
I’m an artist and I’m in depression; 
I am looking for musical collaborations; 
Certified voice coaching; 
I would like to develop my career as an actor; 
I develop my career in live-streaming; 
I’m looking for work in the events department; 
Repertoire development — organization of rehearsals; 
Activities for children under 14; 
Legal negotiations / contracts, job center; 
Pole: Weddings 
Pole: Promotions 
Pole: Events 
Pole: Style 
Pole: NFT 
I want to order a gift card; 
General Council.

Make my request for

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